Testimonials, cont'd

Tom and I feel like everyone is family at OWF and, after 5 years, we regretfully had to raise the board rates. Here are a few of the comments we recieved from our boarders...

Orvilla West is a special place in many ways.  Dove and I have been around so we know that good, consistent, loving horse care is difficult to find.  We are very happy to say that we have found it at Orvilla West. We have also found a family-like social climate where respect and kindness are not just preached, but practiced.  Orvilla West is a place where both horse and rider can be comfortable and happy -- what a unique concept!  Running a horse boarding facility is a balancing act -- keep the horses happy; keep the riders happy; don't go broke.  In my experience, if any of these 3 things gets too far out of balance, the facility doesn't survive.  For these reasons, I am more than okay with the board increase.  I think it is fair and reasonable.  I definitely want Orvilla to survive and thrive! Marti

Charlie is better than ever.  Feeling his oats, so to speak.  He and I both love being at OWF. Morgan

Elvis is now officially a "butterball" and happy and healthy. Worth every penny. Its been a wonderful few months at OWF. Thanks for the impeccable care! Feather

Yes, a huge thank you to Nanner and Tom for the great care they take of our horses. Satori is healthy, happy and fit so what more could I ask for? And the board increase is certainly reasonable! Thanks for everything. Leslie

Connie is so content and well looked after, and when all's well with her, all's well with me. Pamela

Can't believe you haven't had a price increase in 5 years!!! WOW........that's pretty amazing....I think we can all attest to the excellent care you provide our horses - I know I can after being at several barns in the area. The increase is well warranted and deserved. Marie

Nanner…, you and Tom are so appreciated. No problem with the board increase, we totally understand. Lori and Lowell

Oh Nanner, I was thinking you were overdue for needing to raise board. I can’t think of a better place for Juno to live….Thank you for all you do for Juno. She won’t be going anywhere. Della

As for the board increase, I think that it is very fair. You and Tom take such good care of our horses, and it is worth it for the peace of mind alone. Melinda

I can't thank you enough for all of yours/Tom's/Jose's hard work! I know Spot has the best "retirement home" ever. It (board increase) seems like a small price to pay for peace of mind!! Sue

Thank you for all you do Nanner! Kate

I echo what everyone has written. 

Henry is a different horse at Orvilla. 

Happy and shiny!

Thanks for the great care. 


Each of these responses is testament to how good you and Tom do your job!  It should make you Proud! Debbie

   Sue and Spot


from Sue, an Orvilla West Boarder:


"Spot and I arrived at Orvilla West in February (2008). Not only did Spot take to the place immediately, I love the fact that Nanner and Tom really enjoy what they are doing and take such great care of the horses! Their girls are wonderful too...not to mention the property you can ride on above the farm, or take a walk and enjoy the eagles, nesting...it is quiet and soothing...


As I have told Nanner: even if I won the lottery I would stay right here...


It is such a pleasure to see horses that are relaxed: love where they live and boarders that really enjoy being around each other..."




Debbie and Hoopdee "Boy"


from Debbie, an Orvilla West Boarder:


"Hoopdee and I came to Orvilla West in November of 2004.  I was looking for a place closer to home with excellent care and I found that at Orvilla West.  I know that Nanner and Tom will take care of my boy the same as their own horses and the horse’s welfare is top priority.  The barn atmosphere is friendly and unpretentious, and although most riders are English, someone in a western saddle is also at home here.  Nanner and Tom are always open to suggestions for changes and quick to implement if it is a clear improvement for everyone.  They spend a lot of time making sure that everyone gets along, which is especially important when a new horse is added.  In addition to caring for the horses, Nanner and Tom make sure that there are opportunities for social events.   The Gymkhana this summer was especially entertaining for participants and spectators alike.  If you are looking for a low key place to spend time with friends and your horse, Orvilla West is a great place to be!"




from Christy Jemail, Natural Horsemanship Trainer, creator of the Ultimate Hoofpick: 


I have the pleasure of training at some of the best stables in Boulder County and Orvilla West is one of my favorites.  I have known the Fishers for many years and have seen firsthand the wonderful care they give to of all of their animals, especially their beloved horses. Decisions are made with the horses best interest at heart.  They feed three times/day and are always there keeping a careful watch over the horses.  The farm has a very relaxed feel and the horses are incredibly happy as a result.  The facility is well maintained and the management is superb.  I would highly recommend Orvilla West for your boarding needs!

Christy Jemail

Equinimity, LLC


office:  303-666-6364

cell:  303-579-0347



from Jamie Felinczak, Farrier:


What a wonderful place to keep a horse!  The Fishers care for all the horses as if they were their own.  Each animal is treated as an individual and cared for according to  it's own specific needs. Safety and well-being of both horses and riders is foremost in the Fishers mind.  The barn is always clean, arenas cared for, and pastures maintained. 

Orvilla West is a friendly barn.  The horses and their people are happy-It is my favorite place to work.  The laid-back atmosphere does not mean that Orvilla West is inappropriate for boarders interested in showing or advancing the training of their horses.  Although there is no in-house trainer, several trainers in many disciplines make Orvilla West a regular stop.

Between the exceptional care and the brilliant mix of boarders (human & equine!), Orvilla West is among the most pleasant farms I've ever visited.





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