Orvilla West Farm 



The Fisher Five 

Nanner, Phoebe, Mimi, Hannah and Tom



    Nanner grew up on a horse farm in Pennsylvania.  Tom lived just outside New York City.  Nanner was in 4-H , fox-hunted and was an all-around avid horse rider. She took care of all her horses, bred her mare and raised the colt before she even learned to drive. Tom's only horse experience as a child resulted in a dusty backside. They met in 1987 at a motorcycle race in Aspen . They were married there three years later. Their first daughter, Hannah, was born in 1993. Mimi was born in 1996 and finally, in 1998, Phoebe Fox arrived. Tom knew he was in trouble after their 10th year of marriage and their 3 daughters were out of diapers when Nanner started acquiring horses. At first she kept them at a friends place but it didn't take long for her to want a place of her own. In 2003, Nanner (who is also a realtor) found them the farm of their dreams on Niwot Road just south of Longmont.


    Nanner's parent's farm in Pennsylvania is called Orvilla Farm, named after her great-grandmother Orvilla, which means 'House of Gold' in Italian. Appropriately, Tom and Nanner named their farm Orvilla West.  The farm had been empty for several years when they bought it and they had to work on it for almost two years before they were ready for their first boarder.  Finally they were ready and "Hoopdee" moved in. After that, they started to fill up quickly. Once the main barn filled, they decided to expand. In 2007, they built an addition on the side of the indoor arena with stalls for 8 more horses. It was full before it was finished!


    Tom and Nanner have come a long way from where they started. Tom has learned a lot more about horses than he ever thought he wanted to, and Nanner has learned a lot more about tractors and power tools than she knew she ever wanted to! Together with their daughters they continue to work to make Orvilla West Farm not only a place of personal pride, but a place where the boarders feel welcome and the horses feel safe and comfortable. 


    Please come out to visit the Fishers at the farm anytime, they'd love to meet you and show you around!



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