Orvilla West Farm




Box Stall (w/run, mats and shavings) in West Barn: $650/month

Shed with extra large paddock (2 horses): $600/month per horse

Individual Stall in East Barn: $600/month

Double-wide run with Stall in East Barn (1/2 horses): $600/month per horse

Double shed with x-large paddock ( horses) $600/month per horse

Blanketing: $50/month to pull only. Owner responsible to put on at night.

Scoop grain/day: $25/month

We feed Triple Crown Senior, Complete, Lite or Balance Rationer


Rates include:

Daily turn-out, all day, every day.

Feeding of grass hay and/or alfalfa 3x/day.

Feeding of boarder-supplied supplements and grain- PM only. 

Rotational turn-out into one of five irrigated pastures.

Daily mucking of stalls and runs.

Waterers cleaned at least 2x/week in summer, 1x/week in winter.

Putting on and removing fly masks during the summer months.

Checking of horses daily for injuries.




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