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Orvilla West Farm

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  Sonny says: "Man, it is crazy great at Orvilla West!"          
  Contessa says: "Orvilla West is fabulous dah-ling!"    
         Spot says: "I roll over like a dog for Orvilla West!" 
   Martin, a horse out standing in his field, says: "I'm duh Man at Orvilla West!"  
             Bella, Orvilla West Barn Goddess (sticking out her tongue) says: "Orvilla West is the Best, so there!" 
                                 Hoopdee, Aspen and Serenity say: "Birthdays are fun at Orvilla West!" 
   The Orvilla West Synchronized Standing Team of 2008 says:
                                "Come on Down, you will love it here at Orvilla West!" 
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